We have designed a non invasive artificial pancreas for the treatment of insulindependent diabetes. Our idea is to develop an algorithm that incorporates multiple parameters, which will allow to predict glycemic curve variations. We intend to treat individual patients, not the diabetic population in general, customizing the diabetes therapy in an unprecedented way.

In our first phase, we will endow the user with access to the algorithm along with an application for the Smartphone. It will allow the patient to register his variables and specific changes in routine. Furthermore, the app will advise him on matters of his therapy and instruct him by gathering information from existing sensors.

We will partner with sensor hardware manufacturers (Empatica, Garmin, Abbott, Dexcom) to have a complete analysis system, similar to a watch, whose function is to measure other parameters, such as heart rate or body temperature, so the algorithm acquires more precise values about patient status and input variations. Thus, by the communication of the analysis system with the algorithm, we create a powerful tool, able to anticipate the needs of the patient, and that will be highly trained to operate autonomously.


MedicSen Features

The diabetes treatment revolution has started!


Our goal is to decrease hypo & hyper glycemia, simulating the physiological function of the pancreas.


We measure important parameters to adapt the therapy for each patient and each moment.


Take the challenge and enjoy while you learn about diabetes.

User Friendly

MedicSen was designed to be loved by people. It's not only beautiful, it's also very simple, thanks to the UX test we made.

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Available for iOS and Android

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Meet The Startup Team

Eduardo W. Jorgensen
Eduardo W. Jorgensen
José Carlos Montesinos
José Carlos Montesinos
César de Mercado
César de Mercado
Patricia Cremades
Patricia Cremades