LoadMe enables freight owners and transporters to have instant access to dynamically updated information about available freight (goods to be transported) as well as available trucks/trailers across Middle East. The entire process is made efficient with the help of a user friendly website that is easy to browse. This online platform increases capacity utilization and time management by providing instant access to a large pool of real time information about available freights and loads as well as available transport options.

Using LoadMe, shippers can post a load and available transporters will contact them. Transport service providers can find a load that matches the available type of truck. Transporters can also increase the chances of finding a load for their return trip, making proper and efficient use of the truck in an environmentally friendly way.

Similar platforms have registered major success in America, Europe and Australia where they cover up to 60 percent of the market. LoadMe represents the first online platform of this kind in the Middle East.

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LoadMe Features

load-me.com is an online marketplace for shipments and trucks, where logistics professionals get in contact with one another and can do the freight exchange in real-time.

For Freight Owners

LoadMe is the perfect tool for load owners and shipping agents to quickly find trucks for their shipment at the cheapest price.

For Transporters

LoadMe gives truck owners direct access to lots of loads, offered daily by shipping companies. Our platform search and matches the right opportunity for them.

Meet The Startup Team

LoadMe co-founders Sebastian Stefan and Claudia Pacurar and are a couple from Romania. They have been living and working in Dubai for three years now. When they saw the need for such a website, they decided to launch their startup and help make a difference in the Middle East.

Sebastian Stefan
Sebastian Stefan
Claudia Pacurar
Claudia Pacurar
Sebastian Morar
Sebastian Morar