Junkbot is a Do It Yourself hardware kit which help people make real life working robots from unwanted junk. Using everyday items like water bottles, Coffee cups, old CDs and cardboard, Junkbot gives young people the blueprint to create their very own robot, with varying degrees of difficulty. Junkbot helps children to learn the core STEM concepts of analytical thinking, problem solving, prototyping, lateral thinking and building – without ever compromising on the uniquely fun experience of what is essentially allowing a child to build and program a robot to their own design.

The goal of Junkbot is to help people experience and enhance their knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills. Junkbot comes with a hardware kit, Instructions and an online collaboration platform that teaches you how to use the kit to build your own robots.

Junkbot is designed for two age groups: from 6 to 10 and from 10 and above, so even adults who are working in STEM or are just eager to learn something new can also buy the kit and start building their awesome robotics!

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JunkBot Features

Make your robots from junk

Junkbot enables hobbyists and creators of all ages and from all walks of life to use our open source platform and hardware components to build personal robots that solve day to day problems.


Junkbot can help your child of any age to learn the core STEM concepts of analytical thinking, problem solving, prototyping, lateral thinking and building, while having fun and creating a robot all of their own.


Junkbot can help to bring the practical applications of STEM within reach of all of your students, and allow your classes to work together and innovate while building a practical, functional robot to their own design.


Junkbot can bring theoretical learning home to students and future innovators, igniting the spark of interest in students that can ultimately light the flame of future growth and development.

Meet The Startup Team

Rajeev, one of the team members, always wanted to build robots as a kid, but couldn’t afford it. He shared his dream with his friends and they decided to go through with the project and bring his dream to reality, so kids everywhere would have the opportunity to learn about robotics.

Ehteshamuddin P.A.
Ehteshamuddin P.A.
Mohammed Sinanr
Mohammed Sinanr
Rajeev MSN
Rajeev MSN
Hardware Engineer