Kashmi is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) service that facilitates the easy and safe transfer of cash between individuals through a simple social interface. In an age where most of day to day activities and errands can be done via a mobile phone, it is surprising that people still use bank transfers, write checks or tolerate the inconvenience of finding an ATM – even when money is to be exchanged amongst friends.

Kashmi’s iPhone, Android and Web apps allow users to tap into their debit and credit to make on-the-spot payments, via cash-transfer, to other Kashmi users. Making cash transfers between Kashmi accounts is free. Users can reload their own Kashmi accounts, from a debit or credit account, instantly.

Kashmi will position itself at the intersection between mobile technology, financial services and social media. We believe there is room for a mobile application that allows for simple, free, peer-to-peer financial transactions, involving cash and/or credit, which are not restricted to a user’s banking or mobile network. This is particularly useful for younger people who live a fast lifestyle and often rely heavily on IOUs. Kashmi will also set itself apart from traditional models by relying heavily on a social media interface that will create interest among users and bring life and vitality to the simple act of transferring money between friends.

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Kashmi Features

Kashmi is the best way to exchange money with friends.

Use Kashmi with all your freinds

Sign up through Facebook or email to build your Kashmi network.

Kash-in and Kash-out

Credit or debit your Kashmi account by linking it to your credit/debit card and bank account.

Put some fun into your finances

Use our newsfeed to connect with friends and relive the memories with fun messages.

On-the-spot transfers

Anytime, Anyplace, Anyone. 100% Secure.

1-2-3 Kashmi!

All it takes is 3 clicks. Couldn't be easier.

Meet The Startup Team

Rakhil Fernando
Rakhil Fernando
Rajinda Jayasinghe
Rajinda Jayasinghe
Muffadel Lukmanjee
Muffadel Lukmanjee