Interactive Glove

Physical senses play a huge role in exploring the world around us. Virtual Reality is now becoming more realistic as computing power and technology improves. Humans are very sensitive to force feedback and therefore it influences the way they feel and how they understand the places they operate in.

InGlove is an interactive glove comprised of a unique design and materials that allows users to feel the shape of objects that they grasp in a computer simulation. Along with Virtual Reality Glasses (e.g., Oculus Rift), InGlove immerses users in a virtual world like never before. InGlove uses an advanced material that changes its stiffness when electricity is applied, as well as orientation and position sensors to track the user’s hand movements. The technology can be applied to interactive full-body suits, not only hands.

InGlove’s primary target market includes video gamers and virtual reality developers. Secondary uses include medical or military training simulations, computer aided drawing (CAD) design, or treatment of psychological phobias by immersing the patient in a simulated, safe environment.