AIRMOTE is a customizable remote that creates hand movement shortcuts to your favorite actions on your smartphone. By taking advantage of 3-axis movement including left/right, up/down and circular, AIRMOTE lets you feel like a magician waving a magic wand while sending real life commands to your mobile phone.

AIRMOTE’s commands include a phone locator for when you’re not sure where you put your phone, plus an audible reminder not to leave your phone behind. It also provides shortcuts to your frequently used apps, accessed by a specified number of clicks with the remote. Take a photo with one click, dial a number without looking at your phone, or set off a panic button that sends your GPS position to family and friends. With AIRMOTE, the magic is at your fingertips!

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AIRMOTE Features

The keychain for the keys your already have. AIRMOTE has ultra modern and clean design, super easy to use. Connect it to your smartphone and start using it in seconds

The end of hide and seek

One click on your AIRMOTE will ring your phone, you always win, even if your phone decides to go on silent mode.

Never leave your phone behind again

AIRMOTE is always connected, forget your phone and both will start ringing. Never forget your phone in the office, at home or over a restaurant table.

Works on iPhone, iPad and Android

All the fun is available on compatible iOS and Android devices with the new bluetooth low energy.

Your next birthday party needs a Photo Booth

Why spend over $500 dollars on a photo booth when your tablet can do the job.

Skip to your favourite music with simple hand swipe

With its hand gesture detection, AIRMOTE lets you control music with a natural hand swipe to the left or right.

Meet The Startup Team

Ali Lakrakbi
Ali Lakrakbi
Zakaria ElQotbi
Zakaria ElQotbi
Abdellah Benhammou
Abdellah Benhammou
Mobile Developer