TURN8 growth accelerator offers several rounds per year focused on startups with minimum viable product innovations (MVPs) and immediate product-to-market fit in the MENA region.

We inject investment, develop talent and provide mentorship and business development support for all of our startups. The Fall Round begins in September and Spring Round begins in February of each year. Rounds last for 4-5 months.

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How Does It Work?

There are three stages for each round

1. Growth Design

During the early months of the accelerator program, we like to think of it as warm-up laps on a race track. Everything is tested and analyzed: the team, business model, solution, etc. Startups also receive training in leadership instruction, scale-oriented business models, customer validation and adoption, product development roadmaps and building internal teams.

2. Product Development & Attracting Clients

Now your team is getting hot. The technology continues to be developed as information about the market is gained. We help manage this process with a growth scorecard, we support business development and marketing efforts while seeking the perfect product-to-market fit. We work with your team through the issues that perhaps you haven’t thought of before. You gain insight, make improvements and see early traction.

3. Post-Accelerator Support & Series A Funding

The final lap. Concluding the round, startups demonstrate their success through a private demo day pitch event for local and international investors from our network. After the event, teams are supported with business development, fundraising and mentorship for 12 months.

Accelerator Program Services

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Mentoring and Coaching
Post Accelerator Support
Business Training
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